Sunday, October 7, 2007




This is going to sound really odd but I've been thinking about God a whole lot lately.  Like constantly for the past few weeks.  I wake up several times a night and he's there, get up in the morning and he's there.  I drive to work or to the store or just take a walk and he's there, everywhere I am, I'm so aware of him.

Some of you might be reading this and think to yourself, that's normal but I have never experienced anything like this before.  I feel him all the time.  Been thinking about people all around me that touch my life and in the news and just everywhere and how all the things that are happening just seem to tell me how close his coming is.  Think about the tragedies that are effecting the lives of the people I care about and even my own.  How sad it is to know that people I love are suffering and still, it's exciting to know that the same one who comforts me is comforting them, thousands of miles across the country.

The ministers on the radio are talking a lot about how near the Lords coming is.  It seems I can't go one day without hearing someone talk about it.  The excitement is in the air and in my spirit and I can't help but think about how thankful I am that I won't have to continue to be in a world that is turning more wicked every day.

I heard a minister talk about how we are to be a light to the world and the salt of the earth.  Heard one talking about how it use to be that if you weren't a virgin you were the odd one but now a days, if you are a virgin, you're the one who stands out as different, odd.  I couldn't help but think about how encouraging it is for me that I am exactly where God would have me be because of my convictions and how comforting that is, even when it gets very lonely. Knowing that even when I stand out to others and seem strange, to God, I'm doing what he expectsof me.

Ithink about who God is and how totally awesome he is.  He puts the tiny little burst of color on a flower that makes is stunningly beautiful and yet has the power to hold the stars in the heavens.  He is more faithful than anyone you will ever know and truly knows the value of honesty, morals, integrity, convictions and he never sways.  He never lets you down or changes his mind or makes you look like a fool or tricks you or deceives you.

God is on your side, forgives and heals and comforts and gives you strength and hope and love never ending.  God keeps his promise and no matter how bad your day might be, God is still there and you can count on him and he has the power to do anything.

I don't know anyone else like him, anywhere.  Never had more love or faithfulness or friendship or loyalty from anyone.  He keeps telling me he is here with me.  He keeps telling me I can get through because he isn't going anywhere.  He keeps showing me just how big he is.

I've been thinking about the bad raps God gets.   Someone dies or gets hurt or a tragedy strikes them and they blame God.  Think about the broken hearted or people who are suffering and blame God.  What's amazing to me is that no matter how upset or angry or accusing we are of God, he still knows the end result and he still continues his plan for our lives and he still loves us and comforts us all the way through.

He's my best friend and I say that with so much pride.  Me, a sinner, a nothing without him and yet, he loves me more than anyone ever has.  It's better than having the greatest person in the world on your side because God is even above that person.

I am so in love with the Lord, so thankful that my journey through this life has never gone one single moment without the Lord, even when I forgot about him.  So thankful that even if to the world I have not accomplished anything and I'm really a nobody, God see's me as his creation, his child, his servant, someone worth always spending his time on.

Just a strange feeling all around me and through me.  I do lovethe Lord with all myheart and soul and mind and am so thankful that he loves me too.  Sometimes I feel sad because I believe I will go through the rest of my life and never have a partner or someone special again.  Feel really lonely sometimes and wish there was someone with me and want all the things a normal person wants.  Look at people around me who take what they want while I do without because they tell me they are just too lonely to do the right thing or everyone does it or some excuse.  When my heart sinks to my feet and I feel out of sorts and lost, God reminds me that he expects me to be different and it's ok.

The Bible says if God be for you, who can be against you?  To me, that's one of the greatest comforts I find in this world today.  I'm made out of flesh and blood and feelings like anyone else in the this with all the same desires and needs and wants but life is about choice and we all have a choice of good or evil.

My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering right now.  Sometimes the sadness is overwhelming for me because I do want everyone to be happy and content but, in these last days, Satan is desperate and running out of time and he is on the prowl always.  Isn't it awesome to know that no matter what happens, God is with you and you can always count on that??  For me, that's everything.

God bless you.  I hope you had a great week and even if things did not go the way you had planned or hoped, the Lord God Almighty is with you and he still sits on the throne and one day soon, the suffering will be over.