Sunday, September 30, 2007


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Here we are again, another year come and gone and my birthday will arrive again tomorrow.  I don't know if we ever really out grow birthdays, even when we've had as many as I have, somewhere inside of each of us is that person who looks forward to their birthday and the excitement and happiness it will bring.  I guess I bring that up because even though there is no one to remember me this year or make a big deal out of it, I'm still turning a year older and wonder what the day will bring.

I refuse to think of all the negative of a day that should be special and yet I know it won't be.  Although I know there are people who care about me, it's the ones I love and have lost that weigh on my mind.  The thoughts of how my birthday could be a magical day, filled with love and joy and starting over, those things linger in the back of my mind as I quickly push them out of my head and try to focus on the practical, logic of the day.

I keep thinking about broken bridges from the CD that Toby Keith put out because he talks about the broken bridges which are things you just can't put behind you.  Most of us know that saying, " this is the bridge we have come too."  Most of us know that we come to things in our lives that do not turn out the way we hoped they would and we have to move on but, what about the things we can't move on from, let go of, move past??  I call those things broken bridges.

50 years is a long time to live.  It hardly seems possible that I have lived that many years and yet, sometimes I feel it.  We mostly like to think about this time as a time when we have figured out what we want out of life and accomplished most of it.  Some of us have a spouse that has been around 30 some odd years.  Our children are grown, savings and retirement is almost complete and a time to live and not worry about the stresses of life.

Some of us are notthat lucky and this is an age when we start to worry about what will happen, how we will live when we get old, who will be around to help us.  All the things you plan for and hope for can vanish in one single moment and with no fault of your own, you can find yourself not at all where you hoped and dreamed you would be.

I am that person and even though that might sound like a sympathy story, it's really just a fact.  I've learned a lot in this world but the most important thing I have learned is that when it's all said and done, there are only two people you can truly count on, yourself and the Lord.  Everything else, everyone else is simply a bridge that has been broken.  You can't cross it or burn it or go under it, you simply stop and look at it.

I have heard that the closest thing to magic is love and maybe that is true because God's love could be viewed as something magical.  It has the power to lift you up off the ground and fill your heart with warmth and joy and happiness.  Still, I believe that the closest thing to magic are miracles.  Something you hope for with all your heart that seem impossible to have and yet it happens, just like magic.


Oh how I wish for a miracle even though I know that no matter what happens, the grace of God is enough to get me through everything that comes my way.  How happy I would be if my daughter realized how much I miss her and how much her actions have hurt me and decided to put an end to the sadness and accept me in her life again.  How I wish that life was not always about being alone but instead I had years of memories with someone who was still here and still planning to grow old with me.  The simple joys in life of sharing a meal with someone you love or just taking a walk together.

I know that is all silliness.  I know that we can't really wish on a star or a birthday candle or drop a penny in a well.  Still, I think now I can understand the hearts of elderly people who reflect back on their lives and miss people who have come and gone.  Still feels like that young person who plays on a swing or climbs a tree, even though their body won't work like it use too.

Of all the things that have happened to me in my life, I would say that the greatest thing is that I found the Lord and I know that I can always count on him, even when I've lost faith in humanity and happy endings.

Cinderella and Snow White are wonderful stories that inspire us to believe in love and happy ever after's but hopefully when we grow up, we understand that they are fairytales and not everyone lives them.

I am sad that the people that mean so much to me are not here to celebrate my birthday or have any plans to be around in the future but I'm still ok because I know that for some reason, God chose to create me and allow me to live this long and that there is more to life than this world we live in. In the end, the only true thing any of us have to hold onto is knowing that we are a child of God and that one day we will be with him.  We came into this world with nothing and we will leave it with nothing, not even the broken bridges in our hearts.






Thursday, September 20, 2007




Well, I've thought of this day for many years but most especially the past few months.  The doctors said that I wouldn't be able to carry her because of complications with my pregnancy.  It was their recommendation that I abort her but I refused.  Seven months later, she came bursting into the world, fighting all the way out.  I remember that day like it was yesterday and here we are, all these years later.

So what can you say or do for a special birthday when you aren't allowed to be a part of it?  My friend Sugar made me two beautiful graphics for her and I printed them and sent them to her with a dress.  I decided to make an entry in my journal because this is what I do when I feel so strongly about something.  So on this bitter sweet day that my daughter turns 18, I want to take the time to thank her for all the wonderful memories and reflect on some of the things I am thankful for.  18 reasons, even though there are many more, 18 reasons why I will celebrate this day in my heart and no one can take that away from me.

1.  For beating the odds and surviving and coming into my life..                  

2. For the memory of the sweet smell of a sweet baby girl, straight out of a bubble bath.

3. For knowing the warmth that comes from holding your new born baby in your chest.

4. For the beautiful smile that you have that lights up a room.

5. For your individuality.

6. For the kindness you show to others less fortunate than you.

7. For your energy.

8. For your courage to face anything.

9. For all the sweet things you have done over the years for me.

10. For all the keepsakes of things you made for me.

11.  For always remembering every special occasion I've ever had.

12. For always believing in me and encouraging me.

13.  For the love you have given me for so many years.

14. For never giving up on yourself and finishing school.

15. For all the hugs and kisses over the years.

16. For joy and happiness you have brought to me.

17. For never giving up on being a better person.

18. For all the snuggles, late at night when I was sad.


I miss you Emily but I am so thankful that you are alive and well today and I hope and pray you have a very blessed birthday.  So from my heart to yours .......



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Thank you Sugar for the beautiful graphics you made for me.






Saturday, September 15, 2007






We can look at life as though everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle.  We can see things as good luck or bad luck, it just depends on ones beliefs and faith, I suppose.  I thought that my next entry would be a dedication to my daughters up coming birthday but as I write this entry, I am still in awe of the miracle that I experienced first hand yesterday.  I hope by my sharing this with those who read my journal, it will some how refresh your confidence in the Lord and encourage your heart to always remember and never forget, with God, all things are possible.It was a normal early morning work day for me as I was getting ready to go to work.  A Friday and I was happy that in eight more hours, the work week would be over and I made it through another week.  I was putting on my make up when the phone rang.  I looked at the time and thought, NO, I will not go in early for my boss again so I didn't answer the phone.  Seconds later, my cell phone rang and again I thought, there's no way, get someone else this time.  I went back to getting ready when I felt this urgent need to look at my cell to see who was trying to reach me.  I picked it up and didn't recognize the number and so I listened to the message.  My heart sank to my feet when I heard the words.  My daughter had just been in a horrible accident and had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance and the principal was calling me to let me know.As I stood there in disbelief at what I had just been told, I paged my boss and told her that I wouldn't be in and was going to the hospital.  I barely even made it to the car when Emily's boyfriends mother was calling me to tell me what had happened.  I knew it was serious and I knew I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible so I politely thanked her, remembering that this was the same woman who didn't think I should have been told when she helped Emily have an abortion, without my knowing. I was shaking and starting to feel a great deal of fear come over me when suddenly it hit me, I do not have to be afraid because this child is in thehands of God and I know that for certain because I put her there.  On the way to the hospital I prayed that the Lord's will would be done.  I prayed that I could be a light for him and that he would direct my every action and word because I would be facing the people who had caused so much hurt for me.  A peace came over me like I can't explain other than saying that I felt that I didn't have a care in the world, just a direction to go be there for my daughter.  All the thoughts and fears and doubts seemed to be held back so that they did not enter my mind and I even remember thinking, God is surely with me otherwise, I would fall apart. I reached the hospital and found my way to where they had taken her.  I checked in at the front and then found a place to sit in the waiting room while they were busy finding the doctor in charge.  A woman came out with a clipboard and asked me if I was Emily's mother and I said yes of course.  Her first words to me were that I needed to sign a form so they could treat her.  The second words out of her mouth were that Emily had been in a car wreck and T-boned on her side and it was serious.  The car had been destroyed and they had to use the jaws of life to get her out.  Then she told me, Emily did not want to see me and she went back behind the curtain and was gone. I sat down in the waiting room and the only thing I could think of was staying focused on the Lord, on who is really in charge, on who has the power to make this outcome the best.  I prayed but in between my prayer were random questions like, who was driving, what happened to that person, where is Emily's boyfriend in all of this?  The door opened and Chris came into where I was sitting with his step dad.  Seems he had gone with his car to the impound yard and it was he who was driving.  It's the first time I have seen any of those people since Emily left home over seven months ago.  By the grace of God, I was able to hug him and to shake his step dads hand and then we sat down and he told me what had happened .Chris was taking Emily to school and he was at a light turning left into the parking lot.  The green arrow turned to a solid green light as he tried to beat the on coming car and that woman plowed into the side where Emily had been sitting.  I could hear him and his step dad talking about insurance and damage to the car and who was sited and things that seemed so unimportant to me but it was as though they were far away and all I could really focus on was how Emily is and God. Chris went back to see her and was gone for a while.  My son arrived and came and sat with me.  The step dad eventually traded places with Chris and I sat there quietly just praying and focused on the Lord.  Eventually Emily found out her big brother was there and asked for him.  It was the first time they have spoken since she left home too and it was a blessing because they traded phone numbers with each other and found peace again with each other. Thoughts kept crossing my mind of how I should be the one in there with her, longing to see her for myself but the Lord quickly took those thoughts out of my head and I regained my focus again and it was on God. I sat there listening to Chris and his step dad calling each of his family members on their cell and talking about Emily and what had happened.  It was like watching your child being cared for through a window and not being able to touch her as people who barely knew her were taking charge of everything.  I kept reminding myself that the Lord was in charge, not them .Eventually, the doctor came out and came directly to me.  Emily was in a neck brace and a body splint of some kind to keep her from moving and had suffered such a tremendous impact that it had knocked her unconscious and they were busy doing CT's on her neck and back and abdomen.  So certain they would find critical injuries even though she did not have a scratch on her.  I wanted to see her so much and tell her that I love her but I knew she wouldn't see me so I waited and prayed.  Mean while her boyfriend was busy discussing how it wasn't his fault and how much money he had just put into his car and how he would have been being so careful because of the money he just spent and talking to insurance companies and almost oblivious to the reality of what had just happened.  I couldn't help but think to myself how his behavior was not that of someone who put her first and cherished and loved her like I do but put it out of my mind.Then the step dad sat down nextto me and began to show me pictures of the accident.  The on coming car had hit her side so hard, it blew out the window on her side, it took the rear panel on her side and pushed it into the back seat, it bent the frame so much that it pushed the seat she was sitting in to the center of the car and pushed the window frame above her into the shape of a capital A and turned her seat towards the drivers side.  The door next to her was pushed in over where she was sitting and she was under it all. I saw those pictures and kept playing it over and over in my head as I realized the seriousness of it all.  Pushing out thoughts that she will surely be crippled for the rest of her life or have some kind of horrible injury that will never go away or something.  I kept focusing on the Lord and the peace I felt kept me in awe of the Lord.The step dad went back to see Emily again and I sat and listened to her boyfriend talk about how he wasn't responsible and all these things that made me realize just how second to him she really is.  I thought about how my daughter wants to be loved so desperately that she actually believes this kid loves her. The same one who would leave her if she had her baby, their baby.  The same one who would encourage her to leave home and move in with him.  Finally the step dad came out and told me that Emily would see me.  I felt a twinge of excitement expecting that this is how God would bring us together again.  As I walked back to where she was, I prepared myself with prayer and focus on the Lord.  I walked into her room and there she was, lying in a bed with a brace on her neck and tubes running into her veins and white as a ghost.  The step dad came and so did her boyfriend and they hovered around her as I made my way to where I could see her.  I knew the second I saw her, she did not want me there and I felt the tension.  The step dad started in on how we needed to make up and telling Emily to get over it and trying to make her hold my hand.  That's when I finally spoke up and said, this is about Emily and not me.  This is not the time nor the place to do this because Emily is what matters and she does not want me here.  I looked at Emily and I simply told her, I am so glad to see you but I'm going to wait outside because I know you don't want me here and I excused myself.  As I was walking away, I could still hear the step dad telling Emily what she should be doing and I realized, just how controlling those people are. I went back and sat down in the waiting room when the step dad came out.  He sat down beside me and started telling me about my daughter as though I didn't know her.  Telling me I should not be angry with her and going back over all the events of the past seven months, making sure he made himself seem blameless and without any responsibility for anything.  I once again was reminded of how powerful the grace of God is as I sat there in awe of the fact that I was not up in his face screaming at him that she is my daughter and I know what he did and making a scene. I simply looked over at him and told him that my daughter has been gone for seven months and 11 days and I think about her every single day.  I said, I have been there for her every day of her life since she was born and I know her and I also know that it is her choice and only her choice to see me again. Seven hours went by before the last test was done.  To the doctors amazement, Emily didn't have one single injury they could find, not one scratch, nothing.  The step dad looked at me and said it was her good luck.  My response to him was that it is a miracle and I know it's a miracle and no one can ever make me think differently.  I can just picture how the Lord placed his hand around her in that car and protected her from death.It was time for her to be released and I prepared myself again for what was about to happen.  I knew she wouldn't be coming home with me, even though I am her legal guardian, even though they could not treat her without my consent, even though I wanted her to come home with me with all my heart.  I sat there and watched her boyfriend and step dad discuss pulling their car around and how they would get her out to it and all of those details and once again, the grace of God just came over me in a wave and I stayed calm.  When they left the waiting room to go back to where Emily was, I just left.  I had barely walked the two blocks to where my car was parked when my phone rang and it was the step dad again, telling me I needed to come back and sign the forms to have her released.  I felt the tension rise up inside of me at the insanity of it all but politely told him I would come back.  When I walked in to where the nurse was standing, I felt such a frustration come over me.  Here she was telling me all the danger signs I was to look for and what I needed to do for Emily, knowing the whole time that I was not the one she would be going home with.  When I reminded her of that, her only response was, aren't you her legal guardian??  Frustrated I signed the papers but not without telling her that I had not seen my daughter in over seven months and that when she leaves here today, I will not be the one who can make sure she is ok so her form was ridiculous went over to where Emily was sitting.  I could see how pale and worn out she was and I walked up to her and I simply told her, thank God you have another 50 years to hate me because that means you are alive and well and that is what matters to me.  I told her I love her and then I walked out of the building.As I walked to my car, I played that day over in my head and all that had been said and done.  I was in awe of how God's grace kept me gracious and kind hearted and a true witness for him.  I thought of the miracle he had given me that day and the fact that Emily did not die.  I thought about the people I was leaving her with and how messed up their priorities are and how second to them she is and I felt so sad that it was not me that she was leaving with. I felt extremely frustrated that they are so ignorant that they don't even know a miracle from good luck.   That is when the Lord spoke to me and I knew in my heart that I had done what he wanted me too by his grace only and that he is the one who will be leaving with her and watching over her.  I felt such a peace and so thankful for the Lord and his love and comfort and I thought of that scripture, " my grace is sufficient for thee".I know this is long but I wanted toshare as many details as I can remember so that anyone who reads this might be blessed by being reminded of how awesome our Lord is. Even when we can't be with the people we love and protect them ours, we can rest in the assurance that God hears our prayers every day and that he certainly does watch over the people we love. I am so humbled that the Lord would step in and be there for me like he was yesterday.  I am reminded of just how strong and powerful he is when I am so weak yet trusting in him.  I am thankful that I am not in the dark and that I know who the Lord is and I'm thankful that I can truly desire in my heart to put it all in his hands and trust him and rest with confidence that he cares for me. I got to see my baby again for the first time in seven months and 11 days.  The shock on the stepd dads face when I said that to him will be with me for a long time.  He couldn't believe I know how long it's been.  He was actually speechless. I see a miracle, lived it,experienced it and was a part of it only by the grace of God.  I am so thankful that this time, the tragedy didn't play out like the events from my past that always seem to have such heart breaking results.  I have experienced many but now I know that all of them have served a purpose I may never know or understand.  I know that each one of them broke me a little more and made me more aware of God.  I know that God has truly touched me in a special way and has brought me to a higher place with him and I know that no matter what happens, God is my strength and my refuge and I will not be afraid.                                                                                Today I can not be with Emily and care for her needs.  Today I can't hold her or tell her how much I love her or make sure she is safe and loved but today, I can know with confidence that the Lord is with her and hears my prayers and not only is he giving me the grace to get through this day without her, he is giving me the confidence to know that she is in the best hands possible, HIS. 

 Most humbly, God bless you and keepyou.  Thank you Lord for saving my little girl.

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Sunday, September 9, 2007


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Oh how the heart does fail when tragedy comes upon us and we do not understand it.  Our greatest enemy, Satan, just waits at the edge of our minds and finds his way into our thoughts and causes us to have great fear and doubt.


The Lord is always and forever so faithful and wise and compassionate that he knows everything and he knew before Satan was ever thrown into this world to reign that we would need a great comforter.  He knew that we would have to live in this world and this fleshly body and yet try to withstand the wiles of the enemy. He knew the whispers of defeat and sorrow and hopelessness that would be Satan’s weapon against us.


Lovingly, compassionately God gave instruction of his own to be written in his word so that we would know the source of our strength when times became so troublesome and harsh.  He knew that all we would have to do is to turn to him for our strength because when we are weak, he is still strong.


There are so many everywhere struggling and searching and clinging to the Lord for hope and comfort and love.  There he is, waiting and watching for us to reach out to him with faith and know that with certainty, he is the power of this world and still sits on the throne and it is in him that we find our peace, even when appearances of evil seem to not change.


Oh taste the Lord and know that he is good.  Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, as a man sow, so also shall he reap.  In this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer, I have over come the world.


In Corinthians II chapter 12, Paul pleads with the Lord three times to take from him the burden that he carries so that he might find peace.  The Lord gently spoke to him saying, “ My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made great in your weakness.”


Oh how we fight that truth.  We look at our situation from our own perspective, not knowing what good things the Lord is working in our lives.  We see circumstances and try to figure it all out and pray for our will to be done.  We think we know what God wants for our lives and that we are praying for the right thing but many times we have no clue.


The song was written years ago, “ I Surrender All”.  All to Jesus I surrender, all to him I freely give.  I will ever love and trust him in his presence daily live.


I was so lost for so long over the things that have happened in my life.  I was so certain that I knew what it meant to surrender all and serve the Lord.  It wasn’t until I was so beaten down and so weary and desperately wanting to go be with the Lord that I realized, I’m tired of being so beaten up.  That is when I finally could see that my heart was set on things that I have absolutely no power over and was trying to control. That is when I surrendered all and asked the Lord to give me the faith that his promises are true and that he would be here for me, to get through it all and to grow closer to him.


I don’t know how to help someone else understand but I pray that I will learn.  The peace that comes from one single act of true surrender, it surpasses all human understanding but God knows because he is the author of that peace.


It doesn’t mean that I have suddenly gotten everything I hoped for because I haven’t.  It doesn’t mean I have been given a miracle in the way that most would expect but in God’s way, I am blessed with a miracle because the pain is gone, the weariness, the selfishness, the agony …… all gone.


I know with confidence that what ever happens from this point on, it’s part of God’s will for my life and I pray that I can keep my focus on him, remember I am nothing without him and that maybe he can use me to help another person.


I pray for those around me who are experiencing the struggle that I have been through and are suffering right now.  Oh Lord I pray they can find their strength and comfort in you.  I pray that I can be so humble that I never take credit for any good that God might use me for, so meek and forgiving that I can turn the other cheek and do it because that is what God asks me to do, so wise that I can always remember to turn to you Lord for any and every need I have, no matter how great or small.  Mostly, I pray that I would not judge anyone for their circumstances and that I might simply be loving and caring.


Thank you for your perfect work that you are doing in me.  Help me to let my light shine for you in everything I do and to never forget again that my joy is complete in you.  I pray for the weak and the weary and the broken hearted that they can find comfort in your loving arms that are always open to this world.


Psalms 42:1  As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.




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I pray that the peace that passes all understanding will guard our hearts and minds.  God bless.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


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Hello everyone, do those words sound familiar?  I learned that song when I was just a little girl but never knew how much they would come to mean to me one day.  If you stop and think about those words, you might want to shout them from a mountain top with excitement because the very fact that he does live, is the reason we can all over come in him and live today.

I see so much suffering all around me.  Not only in my personal life but in those I know and meet and hear about.  It seems that there is no quick fix and that patience is truly the virtue we need to have in order to get through trying times.  The world is so fast paced and eager to please itself and everyone has their own idea of what it is they feel they must have in order to be happy.  Not only that but we all seem to have our own agenda as to when it should happen and how.

The scripture tells us to set our hearts and minds on things above and not on this world.  To me that means simply to be so focused on the Lord that we can rise above our daily struggles and be confident in knowing that we are exactly where we should be and that God has everything in our lives under control.

He gently whispers in our ear and gives us signs of his presence in such a way that if we are paying attention to him, we know that he is telling us he is near.  We get excited and our hearts fill with hope again and the excitement of it all over comes us and we begin to expect something great any minute.  When it doesn't seem to come right away, we get discouraged again and hopeless and beaten down.  Satan isright there to sneak into our thoughts and cause us to fear and doubt and worry.

Cast all your cares upon the Lord because he cares for you.  That is what the scripture tells us.  It's so hard to stay focused when things all around us seem to bleak and impossible.  Satan creeps in and lies to us and tells us the situation is impossible and we won't make it through.

I had someone recently tell me, it is impossible, it's not just a lie from Satan, look at what is happening in my life.  I thought of the disciple who walked out to Jesus on the water.  The fact that he was on water that could swallow him up was real.  The fact that he feared and lost sight of God and began to sink, that was also real.  The truth that if he would have ignored all the evidence around him, that it was an impossible task and just focused on God, he would have walked right over to the Lord, that is also real.

We serve a mighty God and we also serve a God who can do anything, anything he chooses.  If he can put the sun in the sky and heal the blind man and part the sea, how can anything be out of his power??

Today, I encourage you, as you read my journal, take your mind off of your troubles, put your focus on the Lord.  Forget your own agenda and needs and know that God is with you and knows everything.  Trust him with all your heart and know that no matter what is ahead of you, God is with you to see you through and his agenda is what counts the most. After all, he knows his plans for us and they are for good, not evil.

I miss my daughter with all my heart.  Daily I wake up and pray for her and think of her through out the day.  Daily I hope that this might be the day that my prayers are answered and that I can have her in my life again but, more than anything, I trust that God knows what he is doing and this is not an impossible situation for him.

Some days are so hard, I just have to cling to the Lord to help me through the pain because life can be so painful but I know he is here with me, I know he is working and I know that it is his will that she not be living with this kid.

Our God is an awesome God and there is nothing that he can't do.  Our God is a jealous God and he wants your whole heart and mind to be set on him.

I was sitting in my den yesterday when this poem just came to me.  I wrote it down and decided to share it with you today.  If you are weary, God is there to give you peace.  If you are weak and feel you can't go on, God is there to carry you. If you lack wisdom and don't know what to do, remember that he tells us in his word that if we lack wisdom, just ask him and he will give it to us.

Clear your mind and focus on him.  Think of his miracles and his power to even raise the dead.  Stop thinking about time frames that prayers need to be answered by and stop focusing on what you think should happen and just know that God see's things we can't and he knows what is best for us.  God bless.


In Him

Though life is hard and painful, there's still joy to be found;

Because my Lord and Savior, sets my feet on higher ground;

Though the world is always searching, to change the truth of black and white;

My Lord and precious Savior, tells us all what's wrong and right;

Though to many all around us, their life feels like sinking sand;

Just remember God is faithful, to lift us up and help us stand;

Satan is a master liar, his deception knows no bounds;

Hold tight to our risen Savior, for in him the answers are found;

If you feel some days it's hopeless, and you simply can't go on;

Just remember there is comfort, for our Lord sits on the throne;

There is nothing he can't manage, there is nothing he can't do;

So believe that God is faithful and absolutely he loves you;

The road to heaven is narrow, tests of values lead the way;

Keep your focus on your Savior and trust him everyday;

If only you will trust him and put all your hope in him;

His blessings for you will light your way and bless you in the end; 

Just remember there's a Savior, who lives in the world today;

No matter what your burden, he is with you all the way.




Thank you Lord that even in the darkest of times, you are with us and your mercy and comfort know no bounds.  Thank you that even in the most difficult times, we can see your light in any situation because you are light and you are always with us.  Thank you Lord that no matter how things appear to us, we can rest in the knowledge that you hear our prayers and you are working your will in all things.  Thank you Lord that no matter what we might do, you never leave us nor forsake us and you forgives us unconditionally.  Thank you Lord for your amazing light and power that is found only in you. I pray for all of those who are lost, struggling, searching for a better day.  I pray you would touch us and refresh our spirits and renew our hope in you.


To my sisters in my prayer group, thank you for all your prayers for me beause they are working.  I know that God is on the throne and that he holds us all in the palm of his hands.  I know that he is with all of us and that he is working and hears our prayers.  I know that Satan is a master at making us feel lost, hopeless and defeated but he is a liar and he has been defeated and there is victory in Jesus.  May you all be encouraged knowing that our God Reigns.  God Bless.


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