Saturday, July 21, 2007


Dear Lord, you tell us in your word that we should cast our cares upon you for you care for us.  You tell us that we should make our needs known to you and pray for one another.  I know that I have been gone from you for a couple of weeks now.  You see how automatic it is for me to just turn to you and then I stop because it seems as though you are not listening.  I'm not so ignorant that I do not realize that Satan has his hand in all of this and that he wants me to feel all this negative.  It's not that I would ever turn to him against you Lord, it's just that you don't seem to be there when I call on you.

I'm so sad and discouraged.  I know that it can't be your will for my daughter to suffer or be abused because you are love and you have such a heart for your children.  That is what she is, no matter what the world says, she is a little girl who has not experienced enough in life to be able to make good choices.  I know that she is suffering and I feel so strongly in my heart that she is being abused but I don't know what to do.   Every direction that I have turned too has been a brick wall.  Even you appear to have turned your face from me because I am still hearing things that lead me to believe she is being abused.

I know that if you are not for me, I'm in a lot of trouble because you are everything.  I must still have faith because I turn to you so many times a day, just to feel certain it won't change anything.  I'm sorry that I can't seem to believe enough or what ever it is to have you do a mighty work in this situation.  I'm trying so hard to not look at the feelings and evidence and trust you, it's so hard to do.

If there is something in me that you are disappointed in, please just show me because I would give my life for my daughter, if you would please just help her.  Even if it's not bringing her home to me, please Lord, please put her in a safe place.  This is breaking me heart.  I care more that she is ok than I do that she understands how much I love her.  At this point, I don't even know how to break the ice and let her know how much she means to me.  Forgive me for being angry at her.  She's just a little girl and I'm the adult.

Please Lord, please, in front of the whole world I am stepping out in faith and I'm asking you, pleading with you to take the veil of deception from her eyes that Satan has put on her and let her see that she is not in a good place, that she most certainly has choices and that she deserves much more than what she is settling for.

If I'm a bad person in your eyes, punish me, not my daughter.  I know that we all make choices and I know that you are not a puppet master but Lord, she is a child and she can't make good choices right now.  Please consider my heart felt prayer and help her.

Forgive me for my doubt, I believe you understand.  Forgive me if I have set a bad testimony for anyone who is struggling, I do know that you are the only answer. Without you I am nothing but with you, all things are possible. That's your promise to us and so I'm claiming that promise for Emily.  Please do not turn your ear from me and search my heart and see how lost I am.  How much I miss you.  How deeply troubled I am.

Please, anyone who reads this, even if you don't leave a comment, please pray for my daughter.  The Bible says that were two or more are gathered in your name, you are there also. I claim that promise God.  The Bible says suffer the little children to come unto you, I come to you on Emily's behalf.  The Bible says trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.  Lord, I'm holding on to you. I can't do this without you.





Friday, July 13, 2007






There Is No Friend Like You

Oh Lord I have a problem, so I'm bringing it to you

Because I know within my heart I can always count on you

This morning when I woke up, the first thing on my mind

Was to seek you out and be with you, the way I do each time

I feel so very lonely even though I know you're there

To hold me in your loving arms and let me know you care

I must be in a learning stage because the only thing I see

Is your word and loving presence teaching good and bad to me

Each day seems like the last one, everything feels the same

No one to tell my troubles to and only you remain

So I reach out for your sweet embrace, like I very often do

You put your arms around me, I have no friend like you

I see the world around me and I can't but feel your love

Not one thing here exists without you're blessing from above

The world around me breaks my heart, so selfish and unkind

Men are lovers of themselves and cruel hearted most the time

I feel your broken heart each day, I know you are so sad

No one is listening to your word the world is oh so bad

Help me to remember, the reason I am here

To love myneighbor as myself and wipe away their tears

I want to be your brilliant light and show this evil world

You are the king and blessed one and the reason I endure

Thank you for your loving kindness and the creations you designed

Like a tiny flower full of color or the shade tree that I find

In all I do and say each day let me express your love

To show you I'm thankful for your blessings from above

Be with me as I rise each day and go out in the world

I thank you for the confidence, with you I can endure.

My only hope is you sweet Lord, one day to be with you

Until that day I'll run the race of faith in everything I do.


Dear Lord, forgive me for living in so much fear and doubt.  Satan has surely made his presence known to me with all the pain and suffering he has caused me.  I actually believed that there was no hope left in this world other than you will come back one day.  Now I see that it's just more of his lies and that there is always hope, no matter where we are, when we have you.  Lord please be with my friends and sisters and brothers that are going through so much suffering and pain.  Encourage their hearts as only you can do.  Remind them of the power they have because they have you and you are the King.  Give each one your peace, love and mercy and help us to stay on that narrow path that leads us to you.  I pray for our children that you watch over them and keep them safe.  I pray for the faith to know that one day, my little girl will come home again and that she will find her way to you.  Help me Lord to let my light shine for you and in all things, be thankful for the good that is in everything.  Bless us as we serve you and look to you for refuge and perseverance.  Amen.


Thank you Sassy for the beautiful graphic.

Monday, July 2, 2007








He prowls around each day and night, looking for a way to get in

To capture us with our weakness and wrap us up in sin

He knows he’s running out of time, the Lord will come back soon

To save all of his children from the pain and hurt and gloom

For those of us who know the truth, we see it all around

The sin of man is beating us, there’s no morals to be found

God had a plan when he made this world to give us abundant life

Now our choices are the very thing that cause us so much strife

Children all around us no longer sing sweet songs

Their parents beat and laugh at them, there’s something very wrong

I see the rich and famous, abuse their wealth and fame

Destruction by example, and they proudly speak their names

The elderly mistreated, no one to help them through

I ask you from my heart of hearts, what is their left to do

Violent crimes unpunished, people taking what’s not theirs

It’s just a daily happening and no one seems to care

He tells us in the last days, this all will come to pass

Hold onto all your armor to fight the evil mass

Yet all of us are Israelites, from the days of long ago

Worshiping the wrong things like idols made of gold

Yet here we sit hopelessly, God why are you not here

To save us from this hurtful life and take away our tears

I went to church on Sunday and gave that poor man food

I read your word on Monday and only once was rude

On Tuesday I have dancing, I won’t have time for you

And Wednesday I go running, I have too much to do

Maybe Thursday I can find some time, it’s all up in the air

Except the time I set aside to color and cut my hair

God waits for us so patiently, to just call out his name

And put him first in everything and not be so ashamed

Acknowledge him as first and last and all the whole day through

Then stand and watch his faithfulness to keep his word to you.

Copyright ©2006 Poetry by ging


Lord, please help me to keep my eyes focused on you and what you think of me, not what others who don't know me think.  Help me to be the light you would have me to be for you, because you are worthy.  Stay close to me oh Lord, even on those days when I feel you are so far away.  Amen