Saturday, June 23, 2007




My LIttlest Angel

When life gets so uprooted and you feel that no one cares

Remember that I love you and you can always find me there

When someone breaks your heart into and the sadness fills you day

Remember that my love is true and I’ll help you find your way

You’re the miracle God gave to me, my gift from God above

The very breath of air I take, you’re the angel that I love

You’re my sunshine in the morning, my happy thought at noon

As awesome as the shinning star and the rising of the moon

I see in you such an angry heart, just trying to find your way

The love you give to the helpless ones, is more than words can say

When I was just a little girl, God saw my heart was true

When I asked him for an angel, he designed and patterned you

Life seems so hard to deal with, it’s hard to find real truth

The searching heart of an angel, the harshness of your youth

Yet still there’s one who loves you, I’d give my life for you

Even when you’re oh so angry and I don’t know what to do

I love the fire within your heart that always make you try

I feel so helpless when you’re sad, I hate it when you cry

I wish I could just pull you close and fix the hurt inside

And make each day the best there is, I see the pain you hide

Remember that I love you, I’ll remind you everyday

Even though I get upset sometimes and my words get in the way

I pray for you each morning because I want the best for you

God loves you and concerns himself with all you say and do

Just remember that I love you so, you’re always on my mind

One day the pain will go away and happiness you’ll find.

Copyright ©2006 Poetry by ging


The above poem in dedicated to my daughter Emily.  The depths of betrayal breaks my heart.  Lord, please watch over my daughter and love her, even when anger comsumes me and I can't seem to pray for her.





Sunday, June 17, 2007




Today, what I consider the greatest day of the year, we celebrate Father's Day all over the world.  I do not have an earthly Father.  My biological father died in 1987 and he did not raise me.  My mother's husband is perverted and never ever reflected the kind of love that a child deserves to have from her father.

I celebrate Father's Day today because my heavenly father is the most awesome man I know.  He inspired men to write the book on greatness and he not only says the right words, he lives  by example to all men.

Everything that a father should be ........ he's faithful and always there.  He is loving and kind and gentle and gives wonderful gifts from his heart.  He's encouraging and strong and never far away.  He's patient and loyal and yet firm in his rules and guidance for me.  When I wake up he's there and when I go to bed, he's there.  He always has the time to talk to me and listen and give me direction.  Fills my heart with hope and he's everything that I want to be and more.

He's the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  He created the heaven and the earth.  He's the king of Kings, Lord of Lords, higher than anything or anyone.  He never fails, never comes back void on his word.  Never tells a lie, never gives false hope, never makes you feel ashamed or unworthy, he's everything.

There is no other man as great as my father, loved, worshiped, adored.  Everyone wants to be with him.  No one wants to disappoint him.  He's the author of miracles and everything pure and noble and just and good.  He knows me so well, he knows every hair on my head.  He knew me when I was in my mother's womb and has faithfully, been the only one that has been with me all my life.

The value of a father can never be measured.  In this world, lives turn into tragic stories when a father has abandoned their child.  The importance of being a good father is immeasurable.  The one who sets the path for his children and teaches them to be healthy, productive people.

Today, I won't be sad because I have no earthly father.  Today, I will not think of the times that I wished I had a daddy to draw me near and hold me in his loving arms and tell me everything is ok.  Today, I won't consider all that I have lost out on because I've never had an earthly dad.  Today, I say Happy Father's Day to my precious Lord and Savior and I thank him for everything that he has given me.  I won't feel alone in this world because of who I don't have but I will remember that as long as I am, I am loved by the greatest man who ever walked this earth, my father.


Lord, today, I praise you and worship you for all that you are and what you mean to me.  Thank you Lord that I do not have to feel alone today, when everyone is celebrating their father.  Thank you for you love and faithfulness to me and for never leaving me.  Lord I want to be more like you.  In a world that has gone crazy, sick, immoral, selfish, cruel, Lord you are my light at the end of the tunnel.  You are my hope, my encouragement on hard days and my great comforter.  Lord, there are many like me who do not have a earthly father.  I pray for those people and I ask that you comfort them today.  Let your presence be known to them in a very personal way.  Let them never forget that no man could ever love them more than you.  God with us all today, help us to have a thankful heart and a confidence in knowing that you love us.   Amen.