Monday, August 7, 2006


That is not a question, that is a statment, a fact, a truth, a certainty and confidence.  Our father who is in heaven, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the absolute essence of pureness and honor and justice.

I sat on my front porch tonight after several encounters with prayer requests and loved ones who are struggling right now.  I watched this incredible moon up in the sky, moving in and out of the clouds with such a majestic perfection and all I could think of was ........... wow, that's so awesome.

You know who put that moon up in the sky??  That's right, our God.  I thought to myself, Lord, give me something that I can share with others that will encourage their heart and remind them of who it is that you are.

I thought about this child, begging it's mother for food.  Of course you would not allow your child to go hungry and so while this mother made her way to get her child some food, this young child kept begging, I'm hungry mommy, please feed me.  The mother woked frantically to prepare something for her child and all the while, this child, knowing where the food was coming from, only thought about it's hungry tummy and that food she was waiting for.  The mother had every intention of meeting her childs need but it took her time to prepare the food and set it before the child.  Patience was all that young child needed but all she could think about was being hungry up until the second her mother sat the food in front of her to eat.

How often do we, knowing that God hears our prayers and is answering them, still become inpatient, focused so much on our need that we just keep begging God to help us until our prayers are answered?

How about asking for what we need and then thanking him each and everyday for the work he has begun and is faithful to finish?  How about praying with such certainty that we know that we no longer have to keep asking but just know in our hearts that this amazing, awesome God has it all under control and is working?

Thank you Lord, thank you that you are so awesome and that you love us so much.  Thank you Lord for being faithful to finish the good work you have begun.  Thank you Lord that you hear our prayers and that you are answering them.  Lord help us not to forget who we are in Christ Jesus.  Help us to always have the confidence that if you be for us, who can be against us.  Thank you Lord that you meet each and every need in our lives according to your will.  Lord please help each of us to keep our eyes focused on you and not on our circumstances.  Help us to remember that your time is not our time and your ways are not our ways.  Encourage our hearts, show us anything in our lives that might hinder your ability to answer our prayers.  Help us to trust you and to turn to you and to know you are God.  Be with us and remind us that Satan is already defeated and he knows it.  Forgive us for our sins and help us all to be who you have called us to be.  Let us have a loving and caring heart as you would have us and let our lives shine a light to you.  We pray that for every prayer you answer, it would bring glory to you and that it will build our faith.

We love you and praise you and give you all honor and glory.  Amen.

I encourage those of you who are struggling right now to read the last couple of chapters of Isaiah and the first couple in Jeremiah.  God clearly tells us who we are in Christ Jesus and the victory we have in him.  He will deliver you and me.

God bless.